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Where we are

We're right there! Just click on the map and the excellent Google maps will show you where to go.

How to Order

The easiest way to order is to pick up the phone and give us a call on 01670 822085.

Or email us at dtoddmusic@aol.com with your enquiry.

If you're paying by card we can normally get the goods out to you the same day (you need to get your order in before 12 midday though).

We're here 6 days a week, from 9am until 5.30pm and we don't stop for lunch

Online Ordering?

We will soon be adding a shopping cart and online ordering system online as part of our site re-furbish. Please bear with us, it should be online shortly.

Advantages of buying instore

Well, if you buy a guitar, we'll check it, tune it and set it up for you before it leaves. Or, say you buy a cornet, we'd let you play it, give you advice on mouthpieces and sort you out with any cleaning accessories you may want.

Nothing ever leaves the shop before we've checked it

I can't make it to the shop

That's fine! You don't have to come into the shop if you can't (or don't want to). Anything that's in stock can be delivered to your door the next day as long as you order online or get in touch with us fairly early on (say before 1 pm).

Delivery charges are calculated per order and we will advise you on your delivery options when you order your goods.


All prices on our site have VAT included unless stated

What if my purchase turns out to be damaged or faulted?

Well first of all, get in touch. Items that are delivered can sometimes become damaged in transit - this may be the courier's fault. If you do notice any damage to boxes when you receive your goods, please make a note of this on the delivery note. If you have an instrument or accessory that is faulty in any way, this could be the manufacturer's fault. Either way, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Most warranties on goods last one year from purchase. This is against manufacturing defects and does not include replacement items, for example strings, sticks, valves, etc. Depending on the fault and how much use the goods have had, we may have to send the goods back to the supplier for inspection and replacement/repair. We will make these arrangements for you however, so don't worry.

Instrument Damage

If you damage your instrument in any way we can normally have it repaired, depending on the damage done. A lot of repairs are done in the shop by us but we also have two excellent repairers that can repair everything from brass and woodwind, to guitars and amps.

We must stress however that if you are returning an item that you bought from us that you have damaged; please be honest with us. For example, if you bring us a clarinet and tell us that it isn't holding it's notes properly and we send it to our repairer, it could be quite likely that the alignment on the instrument is 'out'. This means that it is more than likely it has received a knock or has been dropped. That's ok though! Everyone has an accident every now and then and we all make mistakes. We aren't going to interrogate you! But We know when an instrument is faulted and when it has been mishandled (often innocently).

Our repair rates are very fair. If you need any information on repairs or upgrades to instruments, please get in touch

Terms and Conditions

The customer has 7 days from the receipt of any goods as a cooling off period. The customer may cancel the order for any reason during this time. The customer must inform us of cancellation in writing (but please phone or email first so we know as soon as possible), within this 7 day period. Any cost for delivery of goods to or from the customer that we have arranged, will be charged to the customer by Dennis Todd Music, unless the item is faulted or damaged. On cancellation of the order/contract, the customer is required to return the goods to ourselves, as the supplier, in an unused state, and to take care of the goods whilst in their possession. The goods must also be returned within seven days of the cancellation. Either ourselves, as the supplier, or the customer can arrange delivery of the goods back to us. Dennis Todd will refund the purchase price of the equipment to the customer, minus the original delivery and resulting collection costs (unless the item is faulted/damaged). We aim to do this no later than 30 days from re-receiving the goods

Dennis Todd Music :: 86 Front Street, Bedlington, Northumberland, NE22 5AE :: Tel: 01670 822085